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Teen & Adult Orthodontics Specialist
Teen & Adult Orthodontics services offered in Bay Ridge / Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Everyone deserves a smile they enjoy sharing with the world. Never before have there been so many great teen and adult orthodontics options, and board-certified orthodontist Melena Planzos, DMD, MS, and her board-certified team at Impressive Orthodontics in Brooklyn, New York, are here to assist you in choosing the right path. Serving the Bay Ridge / Dyker Heights area.  Book a one-on-one consultation online or over the phone today to learn more.

What are the benefits of teen and adult orthodontics?

Most people only consider the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic care. It’s undeniable that orthodontics can create a beautiful smile, but there are also numerous dental health benefits to consider.


Misalignment can create an unstable or unbalanced bite. This places pressure on some teeth, while others won’t fit together at all. Teeth can easily wear down, crack, or even break after years of this abnormal pressure. 


A poorly aligned bite can also interfere with normal speech patterns. Many children struggle with speech issues that are largely caused by their dentition. Orthodontic treatment can restore optimal teeth alignment and jaw spacing to ease speech and communication. 

What are some teen and adult orthodontic treatment options?

Not long ago, orthodontics treatment was largely limited to traditional metal braces. Today, there are a range of options to choose from and a fit for virtually every set of needs. 


Traditional metal braces remain a popular option. Today’s braces are smaller and more streamlined than in past generations. They’re also more comfortable to wear, and some options use brackets that hold the treatment wire in place without the use of small elastics. 


Clear braces work in much the same way as metal braces. The primary difference is the brackets made of a clear or tooth-colored material that blends with the color of your natural teeth.


For those who want an even less obvious treatment option, Invisalign® offers a great solution. The clear aligner trays used in Invisalign treatment are virtually indistinguishable once in place and are also comfortable to wear. In addition, Invisalign® Teen offers a treatment path specifically designed for teenage patients. 

How do I know which orthodontic options are right for me?

The best way to begin working through your options is by booking a face-to-face consultation. Your practitioner performs a thorough dental exam and gathers imaging that reveals more insight into your teeth and bone structure. 


You learn more about each available option and have plenty of time to ask questions, as needed. You can discuss the timeline for treatment, what to expect, and even the cost of what you choose. By the end of your consultation, you have all of the details needed to make an informed decision about your orthodontic care. 


Booking a visit is as simple as a phone call or a few clicks of the mouse, so make today the day you come one step closer to a happy and healthy new smile.