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Advancements in dental technology have revolutionized orthodontic treatment, and the iTero® intraoral scanner is a prime example. Board-certified orthodontist Melena Planzos, DMD, MS and her team use this amazing imaging tool at Impressive Orthodontics in Brooklyn, New York. Serving the Bay Ridge / Dyker Heights area. Call or click today to book your initial visit, and see what intraoral scanners can do to enhance your treatment process.

What are iTero® intraoral scanners?

The intraoral scanners available from iTero represent some of the best imaging tools in the industry. Intraoral scanners use a small handled wand that is moved around briefly inside your mouth to gather digital imaging.


The result is a highly precise visual “map” of the exact size, shape, and alignment of your teeth. This 3D imaging is used to craft your customized treatment plan and is an important step in Invisalign® treatment planning.


iTero intraoral scanners use both optical and laser scanning to create sharp, accurate, and highly detailed color imaging. This system has been used in orthodontic settings to complete more than 40 million scans around the world and has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry.

How do iTero scanners help with orthodontic treatment?

The imaging collected by the iTero intraoral scanner feeds into the proprietary software that creates your individualized treatment plan. This plan guides the fabrication of your aligner trays, ensuring they fit snugly over the surface of your teeth and create the right degree of force to move your treatment forward.


Imaging from iTero scanners can also ensure you remain on track as you move through treatment. It only takes about one minute to gather a new set of imaging, which is compared to earlier scans to see how well your treatment progresses. 

Is it uncomfortable to have iTero intraoral scanning?

Absolutely not. There is no pain or discomfort associated with the iTero intraoral scanning system. The process is simple and straightforward and is actually far more enjoyable than the traditional method of taking physical impressions. 


Not many years ago, orthodontic treatment was guided by impressions. You were instructed to bite down into trays filled with a sticky material with a putty-like consistency. After a few moments, your provider pulled those trays from your bite that created a soft mold of your teeth. The process was unpleasant at best and triggered the gag reflex in many people.


The process of gathering images using the iTero scanner is brief. While it may feel odd to have the device moved around inside your mouth, the entire experience lasts only about a minute. The thoughtfully designed device offers a relatively comfortable experience.


To find out more about the iTero intraoral scanner and the role it plays in Invisalign treatment planning, book a visit online or by phone.